Driving a supercar is an unparalleled experience, especially in celebrity drenched Miami and South Beach! If you have never slid behind the wheel of a sleek luxury rental car Miami style, perhaps it is time. The exhilaration of driving a luxury car like a BMW, Bentley, Mercedes, Porsche or Land Rover along Ocean Avenue in Miami will leave you planning your next trip down while you are still soaking in the jealous stares. Take the wheel and a new approach to luxury travel; indulge in a Miami luxury car rental this time!


Jorge O.

Miami, FL @
As a local I wanted a shop that did not splatter their propaganda on the cars, I wanted them to have a clean and unbraded look...SBRC is exactly that. Their vehicles are always clean and they provide the support to make you feel like you own them.
sprinter interior

Andriq W. @ Atlanta, GA
These guys were able to find me a coupe for the weekend and a sprinter van for the family in less than 48 hours. Definitely recommend them!!


Manager @ HeroSoft
The guys that helped me were great and I appreciated the time and effort they put in to help me with my car buying experience with you all.

John Smith

CEO @ Mefasoft
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